Follow Jess and Ruby's efforts to legitimise and humanise these land defense methods in

    in our current climate chaos caused by corporate collusion with the federal government.

    KHOI Ames Radio

    JULY 31, 2017
    Ames, IA – Iowa landowners bear the largest percentage of the DAPL footprint, among Midwestern states. They came to KHOI's studio to tell the story, explain their actions, and deliver a call to action to stop the pipeline.ay.

    Preschool teacher becomes face of pipeline demonstrations​


    AUGUST 3, 2017

    DES MOINES, IA — Ruby Montoya, who was one of two women charged with vandalizing the sign outside the Iowa Utilities Board offices, said she plans to continue her protests now that she’s been released from jail.
    She gave up her career as a preschool teacher in Colorado a year ago to move to Iowa to protest the Dakota Access pipeline, and she’s been arrested numerous times, becoming one of the faces behind demonstrations in the Des Moines area.
    “I found out about the Dakota Access pipeline, where it was going, what kind of disastrous plant it was, and it just shocked me,” Montoya said.
    She said family roots in Iowa and concern for the next generation led her to the Hawkeye State.
    “I felt a great responsibility as I looked at the children, recognizing that less and less resources were available to them,” Montoya said.
    Montoya has been protesting in unthinkable, and often illegal ways.
    “We do not have clean water. Continue to pollute the water. We need water,” Montoya said.
    Montoya confessed last week to torching equipment at multiple sites of the Dakota Access Pipeline, causing millions of dollars in damage. She then proceeded to vandalize the sign outside the Iowa Utilities Board.
    In June she attached herself to a concrete barrier outside the Iowa Air National Guard to protest the operation of military drones overseas.
    “Everything that I do is for the right cause, and that is promoting peace,” Montoya said. “It’s very simple to just answer that call that you hear from your heart.”
    Montoya calls her efforts a small sacrifice to promote public discourse about issues affecting Iowans.
    “We want better lives for everyone genuinely, so it’s not a big stretch between the pipeline and the drones,” Montoya said.
    A preliminary hearing is set Friday for defacing the Iowa Utilities Board sign.


    AUGUST 1, 2017

    But still when Activists Ruby Montoya, a preschool teacher in Boulder, Colorado. and Jessica Reznick, a veteran of Occupy New York and both members of the Catholic Workers, admitted to the sabotage by arson attacks and valve sabotage against the Dakota Access Pipeline, I still wasn’t on board with acetylene torches and gasoline mixed with motor oil as a tactic. It still seemed like it was too much. That was before I heard their interview with Sub/Media.

    July 28, 2017

    Earth First! Journal

    On July 24, Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek held a press conference in which they read a prepared statement while standing in front of the Iowa Utility Board (IUB). In the statement, Ruby and Jessica confessed to arson and other acts of sabotage along the Dakota Access pipeline, describing what they did in detail and stating their reasons (expanded upon below). They then took a crowbar and hammer and began pulling off the letters of the IUB sign before being arrested. They were released from jail the next day and charged with fourth degree criminal mischief. The day after that, the three of us had a phone call...


    July 25, 2017

    Democracy Now!
    In Iowa, two Catholic Worker activists said Monday they had carried out multiple acts of sabotage aimed at stopping the construction of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, which stretches from North Dakota through South Dakota, Iowa and into Illinois.


    July 24, 2017

    JULY 24, 2017 (from Unicorn Riot)
    Des Moines, IA – Unicorn Riot has received a press release from two women claiming responsibility for arson attacks and valve sabotage against the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the video below, these two women from Iowa publicly state their sabotage actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline and turn themselves in. Unicorn Riot covered their surrender to authorities today.

    Interview with Jess and Ruby


    JULY 24, 2017
    Ruby and Jess sit down and speak their truth as to why they continue to fight DAPL


    JULY 24, 2017
    Des Moines, IA – Two activists have admitted to causing damage to the Dakota Access Pipeline and equipment used to construct it in a news release sent Monday.

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