We the people have been resisting this pipeline since 2014,

    we can still stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

    Banks of Mississippi River, Montrose, IA



    The Dakota Access Pipeline is the largest crude petroleum oil pipeline to-date -- and it crosses underneath the Mississippi River, the largest river channel in so-called North America.


    All pipelines leak, DAPL has already leaked -- the incident was only reported to the public a month later.

    When this pipeline breaks, it will go into our water supplies, endangering over 18 million peoples' right to life and clean, drinkable water.


    We, the people, must stop this pipeline.


    Recently, Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya came forward to openly claim their tactics of peaceful protest to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline here in Iowa.


    DAPL has already violated so much, and continues to violate the Supreme Law of the United States

    of honoring all Treaties, which includes the Fort Laramie Treaty

    guaranteeing that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe shall enjoy the “undisturbed use and occupation”.



    It is our duty as inhabitants of this land to protect natural rights of self-sovereignty and life-giving resources.


    The Dakota Access Pipeline, owned by Energy Transfer Partners,

    threatens peoples' natural rights, and must be stopped,

    to ensure a viable future for our children and theirs' to come.


    We can make change

    We can stop this pipeline

    This legal battle ahead will set many precedents,

    including the necessity defence

    to protect our natural rights

    and hold corporations accountable